Inspired by world-class studios, Area Studios was conceptualized and designed by a photographer aiming to provide a unique space that could offer the precise elements and necessary amenities to fulfill the diverse needs of professional photographers.

Area studios offers a contemporary, exclusive and comfortable work environment, with immaculately maintained and fully equipped facilities.

Our studios include the following:

  • Full Equipment and production department

  • Private conference room

  • VIP area with conference line

  • Full service professional kitchen

  • Make-up area and portable station

  • Dressing and styling area

  • Steaming irons and clothing racks

  • Complete automated media system

  • Professional sound system

  • Professional projection equipment

  • High speed wireless internet

  • Flat screen TVs

  • Central air conditioning / climate control

  • Coffee Bar and Catering Services

Area 1

Size:  Approx. 1350 sq ft including make up area and restrooms

Ceiling height:  12'

Cyclorama:  27' w x 21' d x 12' h

Floor:  Wood floors and cement in working areas

Area 2

Size:  Approx. 800 sq ft including make up area and restrooms

Ceiling height:  12'

Cyclorama:  9' w x 10' d x 12' h

Floor:  Wood floors

Area 3

Size:  Approx. 1400 sq ft including loading dock and warehouse

Ceiling height:  12'

Floor:  Cement floors


Size: Approx. 2200 sq ft including make up area and restrooms

Ceiling height: 12'

Floor: Wood floors and cement


The Gallery is a versatile and exceptional area combining studio 1 and 2 providing an integrated gallery space able to handle full production of any photography project.

All studios have complete automation technology for lighting, music, video, security and energy.



State of the art lighting, grip, camera and postproduction equipment managed by our professionally trained staff can assist you and fulfill all of your creative needs.
Please contact us to request a tailored quote at



  • Hasselblad

  • Profoto

  • Nikon

  • Foba

  • Matthews

  • Manfrotto